Friday, March 13, 2015

Today, I have decided to update my blog. It will take a little time to re-work and redesign the blog in order to update you on what is happening in the life of Sheri Reno. 

To date, we (Tim and I) have seven grandchildren. They range in age from 19 months to nearly 11 years. We are very proud of each and every one of them. 

Within the past couple of weeks, I went to California to assist my son and his family in their move from Grass Valley to the Nashville area. 

Our lives are very full and constantly changing. I guess we don't have to worry about moss growing on us for sure. 

I will continue to update this site and post some images of what my travels have held. Last summer my artist friend, Mim Meakin, flew out and we traveled to Amish country in Ohio. Mim is a watercolor artist and we had a blast capturing some amazing images. 

Have a wonderful day. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WOW - what a wonderful October

I can't believe that it has been so long since I've posted. I have had a very busy year.  I think I will share a little bit at a time and give me a reason to come back and post!

The summer has been a great summer and one for many changes.  My daughter and her family found their own place with a great yard for the children.  It is nice that they found a place and although I do miss the kids, they are just minutes away.  I guess this way they won't get bored with Mimi and Papa.

I was fortunate enough to go to California to visit my son's family and the newest addition to the family and celebrate his first year.  It was great fun and I'm sure I overstayed my welcome.  For a week of my visit I traveled with my artist friend (of 35 years) and we had a blast. I have thousands of images (literally) from the California coast and up through Yosemite.  I still haven't had time to reveiw all of them.

The studio is busy with sessions this month.  In fact, I'm working on a CD cover for Cat Carter and she is due here any minute. I must stop for now, but I will return! Have a great Thursday.

Monday, December 20, 2010


As I finish some final orders for the Christmas photo season, I decided to take a break and bring my blog up to something festive in color to fit the season.

I don't know about most of you, but I'm feeling very blessed this year. Yes, we have had some negative things in our lives this year just like the rest of you, but all in all, we are so fortunate.

We have welcomed a grandson into the family. His name is Logan and he is living in California. His mommy had some health issues during and after birth, but is doing very well now. We are blessed for both of those things.

We had the "last" daughter get married in the fall and we were able to make the trip to Kansas City for that big event. It also meant being able to spend some quality time with Madison (20 months) for the second time this year. She is a big Skype buddy these days too.

We are fortunate to have Lilly and Gage with us in Tennessee and they are very precious. They grow and change daily. We welcomed a "new" grandchild into our midst when Chelsea married this summer. Her name is Lexi and a real sweetie.

We have been blessed that a few months after his work ending in W.Virginia, Tim was able to get some contract work with people he had worked for in the past.(whew!) Recently he landed a job (at least for 18 months) with Nissan. He now has a "real" job and even gets to stay at home. We really thought he would be going out of state again.

I've been able to visit my brother this year (thanks to my parents) and was welcomed by the most loving people ever! I had a wonderful time with his family there and he and I were able to play and bond and just be kids again. How great was that time with him! Thanks Kent.

We are very blessed to have our loved ones and friends safe and with us (even if far in distance) and I pray for those who have lost someone in their lives this year as well. This is a season of love and a painful time for those in mourning (you are in my thoughts, Lisa and David).

I want to take this time to wish all of you - my clients, my friends and those clients who have become friends! A very Merry Christmas. I appreciate each and every one of you and I so enjoy helping capture the memories for your loved ones.
I've enjoyed watching your babies grow into children and your children grow into adulthood. I have been blessed in that way and it is really great.

May all of you have a prosporous 2011 and enjoy every moment that you have with those you love and who love you. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Full Fall Season . . .

As many of you are aware, I have had a very busy season in many ways. I just returned from two weeks in Honduras and one week in California. Hummmmmm - let me back up!

We were blessed with a new addition to our family this summer. His name is Logan and his daddy is my son. I had to fly to California just a couple of days after his birth for what could have been a huge problem, but with prayer and support - mommy got well and all is good.

A couple of weeks after I returned, my computer crashed. Yep. What a mess and it took a month to get it straighted out. You don't realize just how much software it takes to run your business until you have to track it down and reload it and try to get your workspace set up as before. All of my clients have been wonderful and I'm STILL playing catch up with my work. Sad, but true.

My brother came to visit after being away for a while and we all enjoyed his time here. I then had the oportunity to travel with him to California (yes, I got to see that grandbaby again) for a week and them home with him to Roatan for a couple of weeks. How could I turn that down?
Now you are up to date!

It was great to see all the people at the Blue Bahia; Maria, Daniel, Phillip and everyone else. They were happy to see me as well. It was like a family reunion. I actually picked up work there and the two weeks just flew and I stayed very busy.

During my trip, there was a horrible tragedy in the family. My cousins son, Brandon, was killed in a one car accident. He is only 23 and leaves a small child. It has to be the worst thing ever to have to bury a child - no matter their age. My heart goes out to Lisa and David and the rest of their family.

This has turned into an amazing season for business. I've actually sold three art images and I'm now very encouraged. How fun is that?

To all of you - thank you for your patience during computer failings, illness and travels. I'm hard at work to make before Christmas deliveries. THANK YOU ALL. I appreciate every one of you.

I wish you all a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, the family and friends and relax. I'm learning!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Golly . . . . .

Here I am, still working on my computer by loading MUCH software; trying to repair my email accounts and get things up and running as normal. I must thank all of my wonderful clients for their patience during this time.
I didn't realize that my computer was actually crashing in the early "problem days". Then - low and behold - - - BOOM. My C drive just gave up the ghost. I've been fortunate that I didn't lose any of my image files (those I back up twice) but the settings for my software was lost along with some plug ins. That is a bummer.

I am getting back into filling orders this week. There are some of you who have waited too long and for that I am truely sorry. Again, thank you for your patience with me and my computer.

I do hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend. It was simply gorgeous here with the cooler temps, low humidity and sunshine. My father-in-law was unable to make the trip due to a fall prior to his trip, but he is on the mend. He has missed the house looking great with the blooming of all the crepe myrtle's and the roses! They are certainly enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Back to work so I can fulfill my promise of deliveries this week and next. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Computer Abuse?

Okay - I will say that it has been a very frustrating two weeks and it is my own fault.

Have any of you had a computer glitch and just knew you should call to have a professional opinion, but you just KNEW you were fixing it or it would just "go away" in the night?

Well, I've been there for over a week. Yep. I would get a blue screen error; google the error and fix it. It was great! I felt like I had accomplished quite a bit. The next day I would get the same lovely blue screen but with a different error. I fixed that error. Do you see the pattern here?

Finally, I decided the computer wasn't performing as well (ya think?) and there were days that I would get the blue screen while working. I would fix, ignore and continue to work. How inconsiderate of my computer that I depend on daily!

Then a couple of days ago, it wouldn't open any program. The horrid blue screen just took over my life. All the time I was "fixing" the problem, I was actually prolonging the inevitable. My C drive was crashing. UGH!!!!!! I was forced to call Dell. Why didn't I do that before? Well, I didn't want to take the time.

There is SOMETHING to be said for "call a professional". That does go for photographers as well and I should have known better. Todd was able to determine that my drive what shot. I could have saved myself a week. So here I am - posting on the laptop and awaiting my new hard drive.

I could have had this all behind me and back to work instead of getting over a week behind on my work. I guess it is simply human nature. I thought I was saving time by fixing it myself. Yeah right - the hours reading chat rooms and tracing down the best "fix" for that error. What was I thinking? I wasn't!

I wonder if I am partially a man at heart! ha. Or did I just pick up this behavior from a man? (You all know who you are!) We'll see - - - - - will I do this again? Have a great week.

One on One

I decided to do a little teaching for three days. I used to teach lighting and posing at Memphis State University's extended program (well, not MSU anymore - showing my age?). I was approached by a client to teach Teresa from West Virginia, private lessons.
She did great!
We started out at 9:00 am and went all day - - - yes, in the heat. Teresa, it is now cooling here! We had a great time and Teresa did a great job working with lighting and getting familiar with her camera. At the end of the day we did a critique and she went home with frameable prints. I'm very excited for her and for me. I've made a wonderful friend and look forward to viewing her future work.
I will post a couple of her images soon. I've had a computer crash so it is a bit hectic in the studio.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Summer

Well, here we are entering the last dog days of summer. This has been the hottest summer that I can remember for quite some time. There has been no relief from the heat, it seems.

This has also been a different year for business. I've sold some "art images" at Milo Gallery in Kingston Springs and am now on display at The Artist's Bungalow in Franklin. I've taken in more restoration images than ever before and I'm happy to see people preserving their memories and family history.

We welcomed a new grandchild on July 3rd this year. His name is Logan James and he lives in California. I've already been there to greet him into the family. What a gem. We now have four grandchildren with the oldest age 6. Lilly will be in first grade this year and has been wearing her new backpack around for days in preparation. Gage is following his sister around like a shadow and repeating everything that everyone says to him and making it sound like a question all the time. Very cute. Madison is talking up a storm and quite plainly, I might add. She is about 18 months now.

We have all been blessed with good health this year and are hopeful that it will continue. We've done a little rearranging of the studio as well and look forward to a good season this fall.

Oh yeah - - - I've taken up knitting again. Yep - must be feeling domestic with all of these grandchildren. I've already made one afghan and working on the second and will venture out to try to make something that I actually wear! We'll see how that goes.

I'm back to sewing again as well. I used to make all my own clothes, but I seem to be geared more to baby things and quilts, etc. right now. I'm enjoying my new machine a lot. It will embroider and what a blast.

Well, that catches you guys up. I look forward to having more to post later and I may even try a remodel later on. I'm really into making changes this year!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sheri Reno: Post Art Showing at the Factory

Sheri Reno: Post Art Showing at the Factory

Post Art Showing at the Factory

We are faring well after the weekend at the Factory in Franklin. The show was a great success and not only were there wonderful artists displaying their wares; the music was fantastic. There was music the entire time we were open. FUN.

The booth looked great and guess who forgot to take photos? It did cross my mind at one time, but we would just get busy again and it fell by the wayside. Tim stained the walls and we created a mini gallery in our booth that allowed me to display around 18 large images and several small ones. My work was well received and I was asked to participate again next year. Many people, including other artists, seemed to be impressed with what they saw and thought many images were paintings. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. I took it as a compliment, however, and I'll run with that.

Since my first show gave me more confidence in my art images, I'll try this again. I just need to find the "right" show to participate with. If any of you out there know of some, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

To change the subject - it looks like our little elementary school has been selected by a new program to air this fall called "School Pride" (I think). They go in and totally revamp the school in ten days. Well, since ours was virtually trashed by the flood, this can be a good thing for our community. At least it looks like the school will be ready for the fall season again. Isn't that great?
We do have a wonderful community here and there are more heros than can be named.